Updated 11/18/2020

A common industry practice is generating plant starts and selling them to other growers to fill out and be flowered. Many cultivators take advantage of extra cultivation area to generate early revenue this way. You can use GrowFlow to track and report this important activity!

The first thing to know is that only clones, seedlings and immature plant batches can be sold in GrowFlow. If you are selling clones or seedlings you don't have to take any extra steps, you'll see your clones and seedlings on the order screen and you can proceed through creating an order as normal. 

If you are selling larger plants that are already in the veg column in GrowFlow you'll need to take one extra step: Marking the plants as sellable. This will group your Veg plants into "Immature Plant" batches in the clone column. 

First, find the plants you want to sell using the plant list view: 

Then, select the plants and use the "Sell Plants" Button to make them into batches: 

You'll now find the plants in the clone column and on the order page to be put onto your next order! 

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