You can easily import inventory while keeping vendor information attached for your records. Follow the simple steps below to bring in inventory from any compliant source.

1. Go to Sales screen, click "Inbound Orders" 

2. On the Inbound Orders Screen, click "View Pending Returns and Inbound Transfers"

3. On the pop-up screen, you can find your "External Inbound Transfer Form," located on the yellow field:

      1: Select the vendor where the inventory is coming from
      2: Select the room where your new inventory will live
      3: Select the type of inventory you are importing in
      4: Assign your inventory a strain name
      5:  Set a product to be assigned to your inventory
      6: Type in the quantity of the inventory
      7: Record the total price for the item
      8. Click "+Add Item" to add another line to the transfer

Here in this example I am importing 100 Blue Dream clones: 

4. Once you have input all inventory items, click "Import External Order"

5. Your new inventory will now be available to view on your Inventory screen 

Nice work!

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