Plants are often moved into new rooms during their growth, and not just when they are being flipped to flowering. To move plants to another room, read on below.

The normal flow of plants is from left to right, following them from the cloning stage through harvest. When we move plants from room to room in the same growth phase, we are effectively moving them up or down a column, as you see here where I want to move some of "Will's Foreign Kush" plants into the mother room:



1. To do this, first pick the plants you want to move. Go into the "Plants" view which allows you to see plants in an inventory format: 

2. From here, choose the plants you want to move by using the filters to find the right group: 

If you are moving more than 100 plants this article might save you time: Selecting Large Numbers of Plants and Inventory

3. When you have the plants you want to move selected, click the button on the right side of the screen called "Move"

4. Then choose the room you want to move to, and voila!

You will now find your plants in the new room: Success!

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