In this article, we will go over how to perform inventory adjustments for the purpose of matching inventory with real-world counts. Please note that all adjustments made must be accompanied by a state-approved adjustment code, and it is recommended that you include a detailed description of why the adjustment was made in the memo field.

Performing the adjustment

  1. To perform an adjustment, first, navigate to the “Inventory” tab

  2. Click “Products”

3. Locate the product you would like to perform the adjustment on and click on it to make the “Details” pane visible.

4.. Locate the package you would like to adjust

5. Click the “Action” icon, it looks like a gear at the bottom right of the package pane.

6. Click “Adjust Package”

7. This will launch the adjustment wizard, set the quantity to your real-world count.

8. Set the state-approved adjustment reason code.

9. Ensure that a detailed memo is included.

10. Click “Save & Close” to finalize the adjustment.

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