If you find yourself stuck and need to ask chat support for help, here's a few pointers on how to get help fastest and most efficiently!

For starters, we will always need details about the issue you need help with. Please start off the help request conversation with pertinent details. But what are pertinent details, you may ask? Read on, my friend! 

Pertinent Details:

  • First, a complete description of the issue you need to get past

  • Last 4 digits of your license number

  • Unique ID of the item you are trying to work with

  • What you're trying to do with that ID

  • Where are you held up (at which point in the process) 

  • If you get an error message, what that error message says

To provide us the full ID, all you have to do is click the little black clipboard that appears when you mouse over the ID icon to copy it, then right click-paste or hold CTRL (on Macs ⌘) and click V to paste it in our conversation.

Having those details from the start of your help inquiry with help us help you best! 

That's all we need: something that helps us hit the ground running to solve your problem fastest.

Please keep in mind...

The best way to get help fastest is over CHAT support. While we would love to be able to call everyone and talk over the phone, banter about the ridiculous regulations we must abide by, and help out in person, at any one time we are helping multiple people just like you over chat support and cannot leave them hanging to make individual phone calls. Also, it is best for problem solving if there is a written record to look back on in case developer involvement is needed to solve a more complicated problem.

Thanks everyone! We love chatting with you, and GIFs are the highlight of everyone's day, so don't be shy! ;)

Lots of love from the GrowFlow Crew to You! 

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