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BioTrack: Create a QA Order for Testing
BioTrack: Create a QA Order for Testing

Create QA Samples for mandatory lab testing in BioTrack states.

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Generate QA samples effortlessly in GrowFlow. Simply initiate QA Samples directly from the Create New Order interface, then seamlessly send them to the lab via the sales order process.

Create QA Samples and QA Orders

1. Select New QA Sample from the Orders menu

2. In the Create New Order window, under Select a Customer, select the QA lab in which you will send the samples for testing

3. Locate the material to send for testing, then enter the required sample size in grams or units in the Qty field

Note: Check with the lab for the number of grams or units they require by Traceability Type.

4. Click Preview Order

5. Optionally, select a delivery date, sales user, brand or enter an internal note to print on your pull sheet for your team. The sample size can be edited if needed, click Back to Edit Order to remove or add samples. Once all details of the QA Order are confirmed, click ➕ Confirm New Order.

6. The Order will now appear at the top of the Orders column on the Orders Overview

Note: The Orders Overview moves left to right, through the various stages. At any stage, the order can be progressed by clicking the green arrow on its tile until it reaches the In Transit stage.

7. Click on the order to view the Pull Sheet. If needed, add more samples to the order by clicking Edit > Add Items or click Convert/Sublot and Pack All Items to proceed and progress the order to Ready to Label. Once packed, GrowFlow will sublot the grams or units into a new ID, which will then represent the QA Sample ID and the lab results.

8. Click on the printer icon to print and label the samples

In the Print # Label window, select the applicable label template in your account for QA samples, then click Print.

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9. When labeling is complete, click Mark Sales Order as Labeled

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Note: The order will remain in the Need to Manifest column until you are ready to generate a manifest.

10. Then, click Select Delivery Options (Manifest) to fill in the delivery details and generate the Manifest

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Note: Once the manifest is generated, the order is progressed to Scheduled for Transit where you will be redirected to the Manifest tab click Print Manifest to accompany the samples during transit.

11. When the samples leave the facility, put the order In Transit by selecting Click to Transfer Order.

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What Happens Next…

QA Results are entered into BioTrack by your lab and then synced into GrowFlow. If there is a delay in receiving the results in GrowFlow run a QA Labs sync.

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