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Wholesale: How To Resurrect Depleted Inventory
Wholesale: How To Resurrect Depleted Inventory

Accidentally depleted inventory? Let's bring it back in GrowFlow Wholesale.

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Updated 11/09/2022

By default GrowFlow only shows you in-stock inventory that has a quantity above zero. We do this to make loading times faster while also keeping your account organized.

If you accidentally depleted inventory, here's what to do!

1. When searching for the ID on the Inventory Overview, click Search All Inventory

2. As long as the inventory has a ✔️ in the Status column, we can still adjust the available quantity up. This means the ID is still considered active.

  • Note: An ✖ in the Status column is an indication of a deleted or sold ID, meaning the item is not eligible for adjusting the available quantity up.

3. Click Edit

4. Click Adjust to enter the correct remaining quantity

If you are unable to locate or remember the Inventory ID, view the Adjustments Report via Dashboard > Reports > Changes > Inventory Adjust. You can even use the Filter By Date tool to help narrow down the search if it's been a while.

Keep up the great work!

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