BioTrack: Processing Rejections
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1. On the Orders Overview, click on the order containing the items that have been declined within the In Transit column

2. Click View Possible Returns

Note: This button is also available within the Edit drop-down

3. If all items on the order were fully rejected click All

4. Or, if only some items were fully rejected, check the box on the individual line items

Note: All line items will appear available to process as a rejection. BioTrack does not update GrowFlow if the receiver has fully rejected an item, only if it's been fully or partially received. Only accept a line item back if you know the receiver has rejected it. If this information appears incorrect, click Sync to sync the order with BioTrack.

5. Optionally, select a room to place the rejected items into. If no room is selected, the items will be placed into Bulk Inventory by default.

6. Finish by clicking Import Rejected Transfers

7. Once completed, the items will appear as voided on the order and the invoice

8. The rejected units will be returned to their New ID that was sent on the order. Click Edit > View on Inventory to view the items returned to the Inventory Overview

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