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BioTrack: Inbound Transfers & Returns

How to receive Inbound Transfers in GrowFlow Wholesale as a BioTrack-connected user

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1. In the navigation bar of your account, head to Orders > Inbound Orders

2. Click View Pending Returns and Inbound Transfers

Note: A yellow # icon will appear on this button to notify you of any pending inbound transfers

3. Any pending inbound orders will appear in the list view

4. Click Sync to update GrowFlow with any pending orders from BioTrack that you anticipate but haven't appeared in the list yet

5. Click Show for the specific order line item that you wish to view

Note: Click Hide if you wish to close the inbound order's view

Review the inbound order details, then:

6. Click Select

7. Confirm the receiving quantities and adjust if you are accepting more or less than what was sent on the manifest.

8. If the items are being returned to you, check the Return box

9. To reject the entire order, click the top Reject button. To reject the complete quantity of a specific package, click Reject on the corresponding line item.

10. Optionally, select a room to place the inventory into. If no room is selected, the inventory will be placed in the Bulk Inventory room by default.

11. Finish by clicking Import Inventory Transfers

12. Completed inbound transfers will appear on the Inbound Orders landing page. Click on the Manifest ID to view the invoice.

13. If any invoice totals need to be adjusted, click Edit

14. Click Print to label your accepted inventory

15. Click View on Inventory to view the accepted packages on the Inventory Overview

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