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Retail: Insights - Sales Summary by Store
Retail: Insights - Sales Summary by Store

An overview of sales and financial metrics for various retail locations.

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The Sales Summary by Store Report offers a robust analysis of sales and financial data across various retail locations, empowering you to evaluate and compare the performance of different stores within your organization. Here's a detailed breakdown of this comprehensive report:

Store Name: Lists the names of different retail stores under comparison.

Gross Sales $: Showcases the total revenue generated by each store, offering a clear picture of their sales performance.

Discounts: This metric reveals the value of discounts applied to sales in each store.

Returns: This figure represents the value of returned products within each store, enabling you to assess product satisfaction and return rates.

Net Sales: Reflects the actual income generated, accounting for discounts and returns subtracted from Gross Sales.

CoGS (Cost of Goods Sold): This component represents the cost associated with purchasing the products sold, offering insights into the expenses incurred.

Gross Profit $: Calculated by subtracting CoGS from Net Sales, it indicates the profit retained after covering product costs.

Gross Margin %: Shows the percentage of Gross Profit concerning Net Sales, indicating the profitability of each store.

Returns % Sales: The percentage of Returns concerning Gross Sales, helping assess the rate of product returns.

Net Sales - MJ: Reveals Net Sales specifically related to marijuana products, allowing for a focused analysis of this category.

Net Sales - NonMJ: Represents Net Sales for non-marijuana products.

# Orders: This count displays the total number of orders placed in each store, helping assess order volume and trends.

# Items: Indicates the total number of items sold.

Avg Order $: Reflects the average order value per customer.

Avg # Orders per Customer: This shows the average number of orders made by each customer.

# Customers: Represents the total number of customers.

# New Customers: Indicates the number of new customers during the reporting period.

% New Customers: The percentage of new customers concerning the total customer base.

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