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Retail: Insights - Category Trends

The Category Trends report helps dispensaries track sales, understand trends, and optimize products for growth.

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The Category Trends report is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing sales performance across various product categories. Dispensary owners and managers can leverage this report to gain valuable insights into sales trends, product popularity, and customer preferences. It enables data-driven decision-making for inventory management, marketing strategies, and product offerings, ultimately boosting overall dispensary sales.

This report is equipped with multiple visualizations to provide a nuanced understanding of sales trends within different product categories.

Sales By Category

The "Sales by Category" chart furnishes data on net sales for distinct product categories within the chosen license. It comprises the following components:

Category: This column enumerates various product categories offered by the dispensary.

Net Sales: This column showcases the total sales revenue for each product category. The figures represent the financial returns from selling products within each specific category.

Historical Trend in Items Sold

The Historical Trend in Items Sold trend chart provides a chronological overview of the number of items sold over a series of sales weeks. It helps in understanding the historical performance and trends in sales quantity.

Historical Trend in Average Discount Percent

The Historical Trend in Average Discount Percent trend chart provides an overview of the average discount percentages applied to sales over a series of sales weeks

Top Products

The Top Products chart offers insights into the best-performing products based on several key metrics. Here's a breakdown of the report:

Product Name - This column lists the names of the products starting with the product with the highest Net Sales value.

Number of Items - Indicates the number of items sold for each product, showing the volume of sales.

Avg Item $ - Displays the average price of each item within the specified product, offering insights into the pricing of individual items.

Number of Customers - Shows the number of unique customers who have purchased the product, providing information about the customer base and popularity of the product.

Net Sales - This column represents the net sales revenue generated by each product, indicating the total earnings from sales.

The Top Products chart is valuable for businesses to identify their best-selling products, understand customer preferences, and assess the profitability of each item. It can help in making informed decisions related to product management, pricing strategies, and marketing efforts, ultimately contributing to business growth and success.

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