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Retail: Insights - Budtender Summary
Retail: Insights - Budtender Summary

The Budtender Summary report displays sales data for each budtender, helping to evaluate performance in sales and discount management.

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The Budtender Summary report presents sales data for all budtenders in a retail setting. It includes key metrics for each budtender, which include:

  • Budtender Name - The name on the user profile for each budtender.

  • Net Sales: Total sales generated by the budtender.

  • # Orders: The number of orders processed by the budtender.

  • Avg Order $: The average order value for the budtender.

  • % Discount: The percentage of discounts applied to orders.

  • % of Orders w/ Discount: The percentage of orders that received discounts.

Utilize this report to get an overview of each budtender's performance in terms of sales, average order value, number of orders, and their utilization of discounts. Use it to help assess the effectiveness and efficiency of individual staff members in the dispensary.

It can also be helpful to business owners and managers when evaluating the effectiveness of their staff in sales, order processing, and discount management. Or if you are running a contest to see who can make the most sales in a period of time.

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