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Retail: Insights - Sales Summary
Retail: Insights - Sales Summary

Sales Summary, Tax Totals, & Category Breakout sections offer vital sales, tax, and product insights for effective business management.

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The Sales Summary report includes three distinct sections that will help you obtain the sales and tax information you need to run your business.

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary offers a concise breakdown of your store's sales data. This includes Sales by Product Category information as well as accounting for marijuana and non-marijuana sales. This report provides a comprehensive snapshot of the store's sales performance during the specified date range, including revenue, cost of goods, and taxes.

Tax Totals

The Tax Totals section provides a detailed breakdown of the various taxes collected during a specific period. The report will display the Tax Name, Tax Rates, and Total Tax collected for the selected license(s) and date range. This report is useful for businesses to keep track of their tax obligations and ensure compliance with tax regulations.

Category Breakout

The Category Breakout provides a breakdown of sales data based on product categories. It includes information on the total sales for each category, the number of items sold, weight, and revenues generated for each category, allowing businesses to assess the performance of different product segments and make informed decisions about inventory, marketing, and product strategies.

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