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Retail: Insights Overview

An overview of the Insights report

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Insights is the data analytics solution for GrowFlow Retail. The Insights report is optimized to deliver reporting for complex datasets and large date ranges quickly and efficiently.

Using Insights


On the left of the screen, we have the Navigation Sidebar, which is used to navigate to various sections of Insights and allows you to select which store(s) data to view. For retailers with multiple stores, you will have the option to select one, multiple, or all retail stores in your organization.

Note: Some reports, such as the Multiple Store Sales and Multiple Store Inventory reports automatically include data for all stores, and are not impacted by this setting.

Sales reports and Inventory reports are nested under the Sales and Inventory sections. Please click on the section name to open the drop-down menu and reveal the available reports.

To change the license(s) being viewed, click on All Licenses and select the license or licenses that you would like included in the report.


Various filters are available at the top of the page when viewing reports in Insights. Some reports will have more filter options than others.

  • To modify a filter, select a filter, and then select from the available options.

  • More than one filter can be applied to a report.

  • When finished, press the Reload button at the top right for the filters to take effect.

The Insight report includes a data cache, so if you run the same report (same time period, filters) again, the reporting completes more quickly.

After applying or changing filters, make sure to click the Reload button to update the report.

If the filters that were selected are incorrect, you can use the kebab menu at the top right to open a drop-down menu, where you can Reset Filters.

Retail Reports

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report provides an overview of key sales performance metrics for the selected time period broken out into smaller data sets. These include:

  • Sales, Avg Order Size, Number of Orders, Number of Customers, and Margins.

  • Trend charts for Customers, as well as one for Sales and Average Order Size.

  • Sales by Category (product category), Top Suppliers, and Products by # Items Sold.


The Discounts report provides an overview and details on the application of discounts for the selected time period. The Discount report includes:

  • Number of orders with discount, the effective discount percent, the average Item discount in dollars, and the average order discount in dollars.

  • Trend chart for sales, discounts, and margin

  • Usage of Order and Item discounts, and item discounts applied to product categories.

Sales Reports

This section contains many different reports that you can review to analyze the many aspects of Sales that occur in your organization.

Sales Summary

Sales Summary Report - contains the same sales data as the Sales Report and Sales by Product Category reports in the GrowFlow Retail app. Tax Totals are also calculated and displayed in this report.

Sales Summary by Store

The Sales Summary by Store Report - For retailers with multiple stores.

This report provides data for all stores independent of which licenses are selected.

Budtender Summary

The Budtender Summary Report - The Budtender Summary report presents sales data for all budtenders in a retail setting.

Category Trends

The Category Trends Report - The Category Trends report is a comprehensive tool for tracking and analyzing sales performance across various product categories.

By Day and Time

The By Day and Time Report - The Sales By Day and Time report offers comprehensive visualizations to help businesses review sales trends for specific days and times.

Profits and COGS

The Profits and COGS Report - The Profits and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) report tracks the financial performance data and details earnings/expenses, helping dispensaries measure profitability. It calculates gross profit by deducting the cost of goods sold from total revenue, providing insights into sales margins and business viability.


The Brands Report - The Brands Report offers an in-depth analysis of various brands' performance within your retail environment.


The Suppliers Report - The Supplier Report provides insights into supplier performance in your dispensary, covering orders, profit, and more.

Inventory Reports

This section includes several Inventory-focused reports that can help you identify your On-Hand inventory values and show your sales velocity for various products to help with reordering.

Inventory On Hand

The Inventory On Hand Report -

Inventory Coverage

The Inventory Coverage Report -

More Information

Drilling Into Data

To interact with GrowFlow insights data on a line item level:

  • Click the individual cell that contains the data sets that you would like to filter.

  • This will reveal the available options for filtering this data set.

You can then filter the data by any of the available options, such as date, product, or region. This will help you to focus on the specific data that you are interested in.

Downloading Reports and Clearing Cache

  • To download a report, click on the kebab menu and select download. Files can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format.

  • To clear the cache, select that option from the kebab menu

Recency of Data

Insights data is updated daily, once per day, at the end of the day, for all reports.

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