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Retail: Insights - Sales Items Report (beta)
Retail: Insights - Sales Items Report (beta)

The Sales Items Data report is now part of Insights and is even more powerful!

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Insights - Sales Items Report

This report is in Beta. There may be minor discrepancies between data in this report and other reports. We will continue to monitor and resolve any identified discrepancies.

Sales Items Report (beta)

The Insights - Sales Items Report will display each item sold or returned in the store. Each item will be displayed on a separate row in the report. If an item is sold, and then returned, it will be reported on two rows, one for the initial sale, and a second for the return. Both records will have the same Item ID.

When viewing the report, each row will include multiple data fields about each item sold, including but not limited to date, time, customer, product, amount, taxes, discounts, etc.

Taxes on this report are reported as a single amount. Individual taxes (i.e. Sales Tax, MJ tax) are not broken out in this report.

We recommend using the Insights - Sales Items report by default, in particular when looking at data for more than a single day. The benefits of the Insights version include:

  • Significantly faster performance when dealing with large data sets.

  • Additional data fields for each sales item

  • Data for multiple or all stores in a single report

Date Range

When the Sales Items Report is opened, its default date range will be set to Yesterday and data from that day will be shown. However, a custom date range can be applied to the report by using the date filter.


Multiple filters can be applied to help narrow down the results shown in the report. If a desired filter does not exist, the data can also be exported to a CSV, and additional data filters and queries can be run in another application such as Google Sheets or Excel.

There are also filters for Order Discounts and Item Discounts. If multiple order or item discounts were applied to an order, multiple discounts will be shown in the appropriate column.

Viewing & Exporting Data

Regardless of the filters being applied, the Insights - Sales Items report will display the first 1,000 items (rows) on the screen. That is the maximum the report can display. To see additional rows, the report should be exported to a CSV file and opened with Google Sheets, Excel, or similar software.

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