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BioTrack: Sync BioTrack Account to State System Data
BioTrack: Sync BioTrack Account to State System Data

How to sync your BioTrack account with the state system's data and sync to GrowFlow Wholesale

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To run a sync within BioTrack and retrieve the most recent data from the state system, followed by syncing your GrowFlow account, follow these steps:

Sync GrowFlow data into BioTrack

1. Login to your BioTrack account

BioTrack login sites by state:

2. Go to Administration > Synchronization > All to run the sync

Sync BioTrack data into GrowFlow

1. In GrowFlow, head to Amin > Sync

2. Click the Run All Standard Syncs button to sync your GrowFlow account. If needed, individually click on a category under Missing Something? on the right to run any applicable syncs.

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