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LIVE Marketplace: Show Status Filter
LIVE Marketplace: Show Status Filter

Set product status as Backorder to alert buyers on fulfillment delays

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Updated 12/01/2022

Indicate that a product is on Backorder in your storefront by using the setting Show Status Filter. This is useful when you plan to have a product in stock soon, so you want buyers to see it on the menu but you also want them to know there will be a delay in delivering that product. You can do this by setting an Oversell quantity on the product and setting its status as Backorder. Buyers will be able to filter their view of your menu by what's on Backorder, what's Available, or see everything by default.

  • Note: This is not an automatic setting in your Store Setup. Please reach out to chat support to request the Show Status Filter tool and we'll be happy to enable this feature in your account!

  • Note: Using the Oversell field plus the status of Backorder is different from just entering an Oversell quantity. You would set an Oversell quantity without a status of Backorder when you want to show the current availability of products that must first be packaged (converted) from the Inventory page from two or more inputs, as with infused pre-rolls; or when you will have source material for the product soon enough to fill the order.

Enabling the Show Status Filter

1. Head to your store setup via Admin > Store Setup

2. Click on the Settings tab

3. Check the Show Status Filter box

4. Click Save

Setting Product Status

1. In the Store Setup, click on the Products tab

2. With the Show Status Filter enabled, you will have the ability to filter your products on the Store Setup page by All, Available, Backorder, or No Status

  • Note: Status options are only available for products that are marked as Public. If products are not marked as Public, they will be included in the No Status option.

3. All Public products inherit the Available status by default, indicated by a ✔ in the Status column of the Products tab

  • Note: Regardless of the product status, a product will only show in your storefront if there is a positive quantity in at least one of the quantity fields called Available, Oversell, or Sourced Avl.

4. To toggle a Public product's status to Backorder, click the edit icon in the Customize column

5. In the Customize Product Details window, select Backorder from the Status drop-down

6. Click Save

7. Now, in the Status column, the product's Backorder status is indicated by

Status Shown on the Storefront

1. In your Store Setup, click Go To Live Store

2. Products that have been marked as Backorder and have any positive quantity will be listed with (Backorder) in red

  • Note: Products that have not been marked as Backorder have a default status of Available.

  • Note: In this example, we set an oversell quantity of 1000, so although the product is on Backorder, we are still allowing buyers to place up to 1000 units on an order.

3. Additionally, your buyers will have the option to Filter by Status when browsing your store

Filling the Order Request

The Order Request will not flag which of the line items were listed as Backorder. If the order contains both back-ordered and in-stock products, you will want to split the back-ordered line items into a New Order in Growflow to fill them later. You might also want to add a note to the new order to alert other staff not to attempt to fill it yet. Use the Notes field on the window just before you confirm the order.

We hope your buyers enjoy the ability to place orders knowing there might be a short delay in the fulfillment of some items!

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