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Metrc: How to Locate and Export Data in Metrc
Metrc: How to Locate and Export Data in Metrc

In this article, we will go into Metrc and show you how to locate Inventory, Plants, and Transfers, and also how to export that information

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Updated: 8/01/22

It’s important to know how to locate plants, inventory, and all other information in your Metrc account, to ensure your GrowFlow account matches what you show in your state-mandated Traceability System. Let’s look at the steps on how to find valuable information within Metrc.

Locating and Exporting Inventory or “Packages”

Your inventory can be found under the “Packages” Tab in your Metrc account. To search for an Active Inventory item, click on the “Active” tab.

To search for an active Package ID, click on the vertical ellipses next to the word “Tag”. Here you can search for the full tag number or the last four numbers for simple searching.

You can also filter by Source Package, Strain name, and all of the other categories that show the vertical ellipses in their column headers.

Lab Results

To find testing history, click on a package that shows "TestPassed" under the Lab Testing Status.

Then click on the arrow next to the package, and click on "Lab Results". This will show the tests that were passed, and the result of each test.

Exporting Package Data

To either print or export your Package lists, click on the Printer Icon which will give you the option to download either a PDF or an Excel file.

  • Note: This will only export the data that currently populate the tab that you’ve selected. Since we had the “Active” tab selected, it will export the full list of the active packages.

Locating and Exporting Licensed Transfers

To find your Manifest ID in GrowFlow, click on the order, then click on the Manifest tab. It will display the ID at the top. This will match what Metrc shows as the Manifest ID.

To locate your Transfers in Metrc, first, click on Transfers

This will show your Incoming, Outgoing, and Rejected orders completed and registered in Metrc.

To search for an incoming order Manifest ID, you can click on the vertical ellipses to filter by ID Number.

Once you have found a Manifest, you can expand it to show the Details of when the Manifest was made, what packages were added to the transfer, and also the lab history for the packages. Simply click on the arrow next to the Manifest ID, and any further arrows to expand the details:

Exporting Transfer Data

To export or print your transfer list, select which tab you would like to export, then click on the Printer Icon.

Locating and Exporting Plants and Harvest Data

First, click on the Plants Tab.

Under the Plants tab, you can also view Additives, Plant Waste, and any Harvest Schedules you have set up.

To view your Plants, click Plants.

On the Plants tab, you can view:

  • Immature (Clones) Plants

  • Vegging/Flowering Plants

  • And also your completed Harvests

  • Note: The “Inactive” tab is populated by plants that have been previously Destroyed.

To find an active Vegging Plant, you would click on the Vegetative tab, then click on the vertical ellipses to filter. You can filter the Plant Tag, Strain, and any other category that shows the vertical ellipses.

Export the data on any of the Plant Tabs by clicking on the Printer Icon.

To view and export Plant Waste click the Plants Waste Tab

To view the plant details in each Waste Disposal:

  1. Click the arrow next to the Waste No. to expand the waste details

  2. View details such as the Plant Tag, current status, phase, and how much weight was associated with the disposal

  3. With the plant details expanded, you can print or export by clicking the Printer Icon

Congratulations! You now know how to successfully locate data and how to export it in Metrc!

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