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Retail: How to Delete a Pricing Group
Retail: How to Delete a Pricing Group

Learn how you can delete a pricing group from you list.

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Since this is a destructive action, please be sure the currently associated products are first reassigned to another pricing group or changed to simple pricing before deleting any Pricing Group.

How to Delete a Pricing Group

To delete a Pricing Group:

1. Click on Organization Settings.

2. Select Pricing Groups.

3. Select the Pricing Group you want to delete.

4. Click the kebab in the top-right corner of the Pricing Group Details pane.

5. Select Delete from the drop-down menu.

6. After you click Delete, a pop-up will appear to confirm that there are no more references to the Pricing Group and that it is safe to delete. Click the Let's Do It button to complete the deletion of the Pricing Group.

The Safe Delete modal will pop up to show if there are any references being made to the Pricing Group. For example, if the Pricing Group is currently applied to products, the products it is applied to will be listed here. This makes it easy to take note of the products that need to be changed back to Standard pricing or need a new Pricing Group applied. To finalize deletion, click the Let’s do it button.

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