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Wholesale: Undo Vegging Plants
Wholesale: Undo Vegging Plants

How to undo the creation of new vegging plants back into their plant starter batch in GrowFlow Wholesale!

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Updated 9/1/23

Here's how to reverse vegging plants back into their clone, seed, or other plant starter batch.

Warning! Vegging plants will lose their unique ID number if reverted back into a plant starter. Keep this in mind if your vegging plants are already tagged!

1. Go to your Grow Overview and click on the group of plants under the Veg column that you would like to undo (don't click the green arrow):

2. In the Vegging Plants window, all plants will be selected by default. De-select any plants you do not wish to revert.

3. Click the Undo Plant Create button at the top left:

4. Click OK to finalize the undo action:

Now the vegging plants will be removed from the Grow Overview and their parent plant starter batch quantity (clones, seeds, etc.) will be adjusted back up.

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