Updated 04/20/2022

❗ Before getting started, it is important to note for any plants that have already been tagged that undoing the creation of plants cannot be undone and those barcodes will no longer be valid❗

Step 1

Go to your Grow Overview page and locate the plants in your "Veg" column that you would like to undo the creation of, clicking on the strain name of those plants.

Step 2

A window will populate titled "Vegging Plants." In this window, first, make sure you select all the plants you want to undo the creation of.

Step 3

Once you're sure you've selected all the plants you want to undo the creation of, click on the orange rectangular "Undo Plant Create" button in the top left corner of the window.

Step 4

A window will pop-up asking if you're about to make this change. If you are, go ahead and press that OK button!

Now you should see all those "plants" return to where they came from in your "Clones, Seeds" column!

Nice work!

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