Updated 04/20/22

From the Grow Overview

Step 1

Navigate to the Grow Overview to locate and select the individual plants you wish to destroy.

  • Note: Destroyed clones are not required to be tagged as waste so they're omitted from the waste area.

Step 2

Locate and select the plants that need to be destroyed by checking the boxes to the right of their line items and click "Destroy Selected".

  • Note: Place your cursor into the search bar to scan and search the plant IDs

Step 3

Enter the Reason and Explanation for destroying the plants and click "Destroy'". Moving the waste to a specific room is optional.

From the Plants Page

Head to Grow > Plants and follow the same process. On the Plants Page, use the filters to find the plants you want to destroy and check the checkbox in the far right-hand column to select them.

  • Pro-Tip! Click the first plant in the list and then use Shift+click on the last plant you want to be included in the action - that will select all plants in between.

Then click the "Destroy" button.


Now that the items are moved to "Waste", you can find them in either of these locations:


Grow > Plants

If you make a mistake, you can go to the Waste window to find the plant(s) you destroyed in error, select them, and click the "Undo Destroy" button:

Once you are fully ready to dispose of these items, follow the steps outlined here.

  • Note: Once you click "Dispose Selected" the destruction can no longer be undone.

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