Updated 12/28/2021

There are three downloads you'll want for your yearend or interim reporting:

  • Plants

  • Clones and seeds

  • Open harvests

First, navigate to "Plants" in your Grow menu

  1. When you first come to this Plants page, it will default on the Plants tab, with the “View Growing” Plants filter on, meaning it’s listing only your flowering and vegging plants

  2. Without using any filters, click the "Export" button

3. Verify that the file has been downloaded

4. Next click the "Clones and Seeds" tab, click "Export" again, and verify the file downloaded

5, Last, click the "Harvests" tab and click "Export" for your last download

If you wish to compile only a list of specific plants, you can filter your plants list further by using the strain, room, table, and stage filters located towards the top of the screen before clicking the "Export" button.

Each time you click to export, GrowFlow will download a CSV file to your computer, which you can then open with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or any other spreadsheet-viewing application of your choice.

There you have it! You're all set for doing audits or inventory reporting.

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