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Retail: Tiered Discounts
Retail: Tiered Discounts

In this article we will go over how to set up a Tiered discount and how to apply the discount to an order.

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Setting up a Tiered Discount

To create a new Tiered discount:

1. Click on Organization Settings.

2. Select Discounts.

3. Click the green "+ button in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Enter the Discount Name.

5. For the Discount Type, open the dropdown menu and select Tiered.

6. Now you will set up the Tiered discount as it pertains to the deal you are creating. In the example below, the Tiers are set as:

  • Buy 3 Joints Get 10% off

  • Buy 6 Joints Get 20% off

  • Buy 10 Joints Get 30% off.

Quantities that are between tiers will still qualify for the discount of the last tier that was triggered. For example, having 4 joints would still get you the 10% deal, having 8 joints would get you the 20% deal, and 11 and above would get the 30% deal.

You can also use Tiered discounts to sell a group of items at a set cost. However, when setting up a deal such as 6 joints for 60, the Fixed $ amount represents the cost of each item. So you would need to enter $10.00 if you wanted to sell 6 joints for $60.00.

7. Once the Tiered inputs have been filled in, you can choose to turn on Auto Apply Discount or Require Admin PIN depending on how you would like the discount to work at the register.

8. Add any rules that will better constrain the discount to work the way you need. In this case, we will add a Product Category Rule, and select Prerolled Joint as the category to specify that only joints can qualify for this discount.

9. Select a color swatch for the Discount button.

10. Click Save & Close once you have completed your Tiered discount.

How to Apply a Tiered Discount to an Order

1. Add the products that qualify for the Tiered discount to the order. You will need to add all the items before applying the discount. In this case, to qualify for the 20% off, we will add 6 joints to the order before adding the discount.

2. Once the products have been added to the order, click the Discount button on the bottom left of your screen.

3. Select the Tiered discount to apply it to the order.

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