Updated: 4/16


We are releasing a feature enhancement that allows customers to use Product Templates to auto suggest missing products/skus when creating new products.

When you set up your product templates properly, with a bulk (‘Source’) template and a packaged (or child) template linked, GrowFlow will automatically suggest new products that could be added.

The new products will be automatically listed as available for pre-orders and also as products in your Live Marketplace store, saving you time from having to create new products manually.

How it works

  1. Make sure your product templates are set up correctly with a sourced bulk product template. Read the best practices on how to set up bulk product templates if you haven’t done so already to set up your bulk templates.

2. On the Inventory page, begin by clicking the “Convert”/(“Package”) button to start creating a new bulk product.

3. In this example, we’re creating a new bulk product with a new strain. This means it’s not a product that’s been created before. Due to a previous enhancement, you can now create a new strain directly in the convert dialogue under the strain section. Choose the “Create New Strain” option.

4. Create the new strain for this product.

5. Once you’ve created the new strain, you’ll see a success dialogue in the top right-hand corner showing “New strain has been created!” and the strain name will appear in the strain box.

6. Enter the quantity to use for the bulk products. On the bottom, the amounts will automatically update based on the source amount used to create the bulk products.

7. When you’re done, click on the “Preview Convert” button to see the new bulk products that were created.

8. To confirm the creation of the products, click on the “Confirm” button. You can also select “Back To Convert” if you need to add or remove amounts to create additional bulk products or remove products.

9. Here’s where the magic happens! With the new auto suggest products feature, GrowFlow will detect any packages that use the same source template and suggest those same products with the new strain.

What’s happening in the background is that it’s linking the source template with the bulk product and recognizing that you’ll likely be creating the same products as the other strains you already carry but with the new strain. It then automatically creates them for you here if you would like. This also automatically adds them to your Live Marketplace store and as an option when creating pre-orders.

You can choose to skip this step if you don’t need additional products and only want the bulk product you created. If you plan to sell the products in the future however, it is recommended to create the products now to save yourself time and effort from having to manually create them in the future since this will automatically create it for you here.

NOTE: This shortcut does not create inventory of the packaged product, but it does create the product, which will be available in your Admin>Product>Catalog.

10. You will see your new bulk product in your inventory.

11. You will also see the new auto suggested products in your product catalogue. The two new auto suggested products and the bulk product will all be in the product catalogue. By using this new feature, you’ve saved yourself time from having to create two new products manually!

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