Updated 3/19/21

This is the best workflow for converting single units into multipacks or into smaller sizes. Much better than sub-lotting and then adjusting! You can use this workflow for edibles, bagged flower, pre-rolls, topicals - anything packaged for retail sale.

This video uses the GrowFlow screens that Washington users see. It shows an example of converting 1g infused pre-rolls into 3-packs.

A. Click the "Package" button on the Inventory Overview page (called "Convert" button for WA users)

B. Click the "Pre-packaged items" radio button

C. Fill in the next two fields of what you are making and what kind

  1. Select the category and traceability type from the drop down list for "What are we making". This is a searchable field if you want to enter a key word to find the category faster.

  2. Select either the Product Template, or a strain-specific Product, from the drop down list for "What kind...?"

  3. If you selected a template, the next field you need to enter is the strain name

Note that you can add a new strain to your Admin>Strains list directly from this screen by clicking the blue link "Create New Strain". Enter the new strain name after clicking the link. You'll then be brought back to the prior screen with that new strain filled in.

D. Click the "Re-package" box under the Search field - this will let you change the package weight of an existing product.

Note that the QA re-test box will default such that re-testing is not required.

E. Use the Search field, filters, or column sorting to find the item you are looking for

Note: Be sure to let the loading bar complete after clicking the Re-package box before you enter something into the search field.

F. Enter the "Amount to use" as your input, and then the "Total produced". This is the number of existing units required, and the number of resulting new units made from them.

G. Use the buttons at the bottom of the window to Preview your conversion and then Confirm

Your new units and the adjusted item they came from will then display on the Inventory Overview as a confirmation for you!

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