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WA Standalone: Utilizing the Event Log
WA Standalone: Utilizing the Event Log

If you can't locate a plant or some inventory, try searching here to find out what happened.

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Updated 4/21/2022

Sometimes when something funky is going on with your data, it is good to have a log in order to troubleshoot the issue.

GrowFlow gives you full visibility of all the actions taken in your system.

The Event Log is a nice way to look around and try to figure out what’s going on with your inventory and enable you to find what actions were done, and when.

1. Navigate to Admin>Event Log and search by Inventory ID, Strain ID, Product ID, or by the type of "Action", anything you want.

On this page, the default view will show the last 50 actions taken in your account. You will see a table with each action listed. From here you can click the "Show Details" button to see the details or use the filters to search a date range for specific actions or IDs.

The table gives you helpful, at-a-glance information, including the action name, if it was successful, the time and date of the action, and the error (if an error occurred when reporting the action to LeafData).

2. Click on the Show Details button for more info.

Once you locate the record you are looking for, you can click the blue button in the "Details" column on the far left of the table, to view even more information about the action. The information is displayed using exactly what actions were called in GrowFlow and records the action's result. It's not the easiest information to read but you'll get the gist of it and find what you need. If you have questions about how to read it, just hit us up in the chat window! 

We hope this area of the app helps you get to the bottom of issues, should they arise.

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