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Wholesale: Undo Destroy

How to undo the destruction of Plants or Inventory before final disposal in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 10/13/2022

Have you accidentally scheduled Plants or Inventory for destruction? It happens! No worries, undoing waste is totally doable as long as the Plants or Inventory are still in your Waste Log and have not reached final disposal.

Let's take a look!

1. Locate the Plant or Inventory waste that needs to be undone from three different areas in your account

Locate Inventory Waste from the Inventory Overview:

Locate Plant and Harvest waste from the Grow Overview, atop the Bulk Inv. column:

Locate Plant and Harvest waste from the Plants Overview:

2. Use the search bar or the filters to locate the items(s) in your waste log, then select all items to be undone

3. Once selected, click Undo Destroy

And, that's it! The Plants or Inventory will be returned to your active Plants and Inventory lists.

  • Warning! This is only applicable to waste that still exists in your Waste Log and has not reached final disposal. Final disposal means that the material has been disposed of on-site and the items have been selected in the Waste Log and Dispose Selected was clicked, officially disposing of it from your account. Once that happens, the Plants and Inventory can not be resurrected.


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