Updated 04/01/2022

There are 3 parts to destroying any inventory items:
A. Destroy items - aka throwing them into the bin
B. Undo Destroy - aka retrieving them from the bin if needed
C. Final destroy action - aka the garbage truck has left the building. No chance of getting it back

A. Destroy Inventory Items

1. Locate and select the inventory you are destroying

2. Click on the "Destroy" button from the actions area

  • This will open the "Destroy" window

3. Select a reason for destroying from the drop-down

  • Option to select "Other" if you don't see an applicable selection. Then you can enter the details in the "Explanation" field.

4. Optional: Move into a room, such as a designated waste area in your facility

5. Optional: Enter a detailed explanation

6. Click "Destroy X Items"

  • This will move your selected items into the "Waste" area. The items have now been made destroyable and can be further viewed by clicking the "Waste" button in the actions area on the Inventory Overview.

B. Undo Destroy - If needed

Any of the items in the Disposable list can be retrieved.

  • Warning: Anything that's been disposed of in GrowFlow cannot be brought back.

1. On the Inventory Overview, click "Waste" to view the disposable inventory

  • The yellow circle on this button notifies you of how many items are currently disposable

2. Select any items that should be undone and click "Undo Destroy"

  • This will move the items back to their original locations.

C. Final Destroy

1. Click the "Waste" button from the Inventory Overview to view the disposable items

2. Select the items to destroy.

  • These items are heading out of your facility for final disposal. They cannot be brought back once this step is completed in GrowFlow!

3. Click the big, blue "Destroy Selected Items" button

There you have it!
Now you can destroy as needed.

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