There are 3 parts to destroying any inventory items:
A. Destroy items (throwing into the bin)
B. Undo Destroy (retrieving them from the bin, if needed)
C. Final destroy action (the garbage truck has left the building - no getting it back)

A. Destroy inventory items

1. Choose which inventory to destroy

Using the checkbox in the far right-hand column, select all of the inventory items you would like to destroy. 

2. Click on the 'Destroy' button from the actions area.

This will open the ‘Destroy’ dialog where you can select a reason and add any additional information to the destroy action.

3. Choose a destroy reason from the dropdown, and enter an explanation.

Select a reason for destruction from the drop down. If you don’t see your exact reason, select the ‘Other’ option. Then enter an explanation for why destruction is necessary.

4. Click ‘Destroy’ button.

This will move your selected items into the ‘Waste’ area. The items have now been made destroyable and can be further viewed by clicking the ‘Waste’ button in the actions area.

B. Undo Destroy (if needed)

Any of the items in the Destroyable list can be retrieved.  

  1. Click the ‘Waste’ button from the actions area, to view the destroyable items. (Notice on the ‘Waste’ button that there is a yellow circle with a number inside – this shows you how many items are in the destroyable stage.)

  2. Any of the destroyable items can be undone by selecting the item and then clicking the red, ‘Undo Destroy Selected’ button. This will move the items back to their original locations. (Ignore the 'Scheduled to Destroy' tab - that no longer applies in Washington.)

C. Final Destroy action

  1. Click the ‘Waste’ button from the actions area to view the destroyable items. 

  2. Select the items to dispose of.  These are heading out of your facility for final disposal - no getting them back.

  3. Click the big blue Destroy button.  

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