Updated 5/12/21

The Sublot feature in GrowFlow splits the desired quantity off from the parent item, and the resulting child item will have a new ID assigned.

1. Starting on the inventory screen, open the Sublot/Split Inventory window by clicking on Edit and select "Sublot" on the item you wish to split

2. Enter the weight or quantity of units you wish to deduct, assign the proper strain-specific product, assign a new room if you want, and confirm split

Units/Weight To Deduct Per Item: enter the quantity you are splitting off into the new ID

#of New Inventory: default is 1. This is the typical option and will create one new ID. If you wish to create two new lots of the same quantity, you could enter the quantity for each and enter 2 into # of new inventory.

Product: Assign the new product. This will be the same traceability type. If it's a retail product, it should have the same unit weight as the original unless you plan to adjust the quantity of units after you sublot.

Room: will stay in the same room, unless otherwise specified

3. Click "Split" button to confirm

After you confirm the action, the screen will show you your new sublot(s) and the adjusted, original lot.

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