Updated 1/24/2022

A common reason for using the Adjust feature is if you no longer need an item but it was already converted to its retail-sellable form (see A below). Or the weight is off due to loss during packaging (see B below). 

A. Use the "Adjust" feature to decrease one item, and increase its parent lot to balance the adjustment

For example, you thought you'd made 500 pre-rolls and then realized only 450 were made. You'd want to put the weight of 50 of the pre-rolls back into the source lot.

1. On the Inventory page, click the "Edit" button for the lot you want to adjust

2. Select "Adjust"

3. The Adjust Inventory window will open

Enter the following information:

a. A general reason code for the adjustment (usually it's "Reconciliation" or "Other")

b. A freeform explanation for your records of why you are making the adjustment - it helps to be specific so you can go back to review if needed

c. Enter the new quantity

d. GrowFlow will automatically adjust the parent source lot (if found) up or down according to your entry in (c) above

e. If you want to adjust the parent lot at the same time (putting back the weight), then select that lot's box so it will also be adjusted

f. Click the Confirm button when you are ready

B. Adjust only one lot, without adjusting the parent

If you are just adjusting the quantity of a lot and the adjustment has no bearing on the parent lot...

Follow all the same steps in (A) above but omit step (e) - do not select the parent lot in the adjust window.

That’s it!

Your inventory item has been adjusted and the new quantity will be represented.

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