Moving inventory items to different rooms is easy using GrowFlow. Let’s move some inventory items to a different room.

1. Select the inventory items you would like to move.

Click the checkbox in the most right-hand column for each of the inventory items.

Move Inventory – Select Inventory Items to Move

2. Click the ‘Move’ button from the actions area.

Clicking the move button will open up a dialog window that allows you to choose where to move the item(s).

Move Inventory – Click the Move button

3. Select the room you want to move the items to from the dropdown.

The dropdown is populated with all of the rooms in your operation. If you don’t see the room you want to move the items too, try syncing from the admin menu, or make sure the room is listed in the rooms area of the app. The rooms are located from the top menu at ‘Admin –> Rooms’. You can also create rooms on that page.

Move Inventory – Select Room to New Room

4. Click the ‘Move Inventory’ button.

Move Inventory – Click Move Inventory button


That’s it! The selected items have now been moved to the room you selected.

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