You can now print labels for multiple orders at the same time, quickly and easily with GrowFlow!

Opening the Bulk Print Feature:

1. From your Orders Overview, click the Print icon at the top of the Ready to Label Column:

2. A new screen will open with all of the labels that need to be printed for all of the orders in the Ready to Label Column.

Setting Preferences to Print:

1. In the upper left-hand corner you can choose to view orders that are in other stages in your system and the accompanying labels that are needed:

2. You can use the filter tool to filter by product attribute, strain, ID number, and much more:

3. In the upper right-hand corner you can use the Page Format dropdown to choose your multilabel template (if applicable):

4. You can choose your label template from the dropdown for each line item. If you have set the default label on the Product in your Admin menu, the label will be automatically selected for you:

5. Alternatively, you can set all of your line items to the same template by clicking the Set Button found at the top of the Label column:

6. In the Print Qty. the column you can adjust the number of labels you would like to print for each line item:

7. Or you can choose to print the same amount of all line items by clicking the Set button at the top of the Print Qty. column:

Printing Your Labels

1. In the upper, left-hand corner of the table you can select all of the labels that are populating by clicking the "Select All" checkbox. The selected labels will turn a dark grey once selected:

2. You can also preview or print individual line item labels by clicking the Preview or Print button on the line item:

3. Once you have selected your labels you can confirm the number of rows selected and labels to print in the upper, right-hand corner and click the Print Labels button:

4. When the Print Labels button is clicked a popup will appear with all of the labels to print for review. Here you can click the Printer icon in the popup preview to print your labels:

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