Updated 11/09/2022

1. Begin a new order by clicking New Order from the Orders tab, or by clicking the blue ➕New button on the Orders Overview

2. Select your order type and the customer

  • Note: If transferring your order without charging for the material, check the Transfer checkbox

3. Use the dialog box to make your Product selections to fulfill your order:

A. Filter your inventory by Type, Strain, and/or Room

B. Alternatively, use the search bar to enter the source inventory's tag number or ID

C. To expand the list of available Products and Product Templates for the source inventory, click ➕ in the Product column on the line item

D. Matching by Category or Source Product

  • Checking Match on Category will allow you to filter available Products and Product Templates only by the category matched to the selected item

  • Checking Match on Sourced Product will allow you to filter available Products and Product Templates only by the sourced item selected on your Product Template

E. The items shown in blue are strain-specific Products, whereas the items shown in white are the strain-less Product Templates

  • Note: The white Product Templates will appear the same for every strain you open when building orders, if applicable by traceability type and category

4. Once your order is built, click Preview Order and Confirm your order details before finishing your order process

5. If a Product Template is used to build the order, the product will show up as white until the order is converted/sub-lotted, but the strain is already applied

Once converted, the Product will appear as blue

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