In this article, we go over how to connect and configure your RS232 serial connected scale to a windows computer using 232Keys as a bridge. This will allow you to import the weight reflected on your scales display to GrowFlow. Currently, this application only supports auto-configuration of Ohaus and A&D Scales. While you can configure other third-party devices to this software it is recommended that you reach out to 232keys support for additional configuration assistance.

Items needed

  • State recommended scale with Serial port for data export (A)

  • Female to Female Serial Adapter, if using A&D Scale (B)

  • Male serial to USB-A Cable (C)

  • Windows computer with 232Keys application


  1. Connect the serial cable to the 9 Pin RS232 serial port on the back of your scale

Note: If using an A&D Scale you will need to connect the male to male serial adapter in between the female serial cable, and the port on your scale.

2. Download 232Keys using the following link here

3. From your downloads folder, open the 232keys-setup file by double-clicking on it.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation

5. Launch the 232Keys app from your start menu

6. Navigate to the Input tab and click Auto for the port assignment.

7. In the device list select either A&D or Ohaus depending on your scale type

8. Click “Set Defaults” to have the sub-settings automatically assigned based on your scale type

9. Navigate to the Output tab

10. For Keyboard type select US (QWERTY)

11. Ensure that the “End with” drop-down is set to “Enter”

12. Close 232Keys

13. Before starting 232keys again ensure that the scale is turned on, and has completed its boot sequence.

14. Launch 232Keys, and click “Start” on the start/stop tab.

15. Navigate to an empty notepad, ensuring that the cursor is placed in the empty document. Press the print key on the scale to test input.

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