In this article, we cover how to enable syncing from your Dutchie account to your GrowFlow account. This integration allows you to manage any order created on dutchie in your GrowFlow account, fulfill the order, and notify the customer when it's ready for pick-up.

You must have turned on the ability to integrate with a third-party menu/posting company in your GrowFlow account before you can continue with this part of the integration. See the help article on Setting Up Your Dutchie Integration if you need to set this up first.

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Enabling Order Sync in Dutchie

Customers must contact their Dutchie Customer Success Manager to turn on the GrowFlow integration in dutchie.

Receiving Orders in GrowFlow

1. When an order is placed in dutchie, it will appear in the New column of the Pre-orders queue in GrowFlow.

2. Confirm the order in dutchie, found under "Current Orders". This will send a text notification to the customer letting them know their order is confirmed.

3. Open the GrowFlow app to manage the order. Accept the order in GrowFlow. This will move it into the "Unfulfilled" queue.

4. Fulfill the order by typing or scanning the correct SKU for each item on the preorder. When complete, click the "Fulfill" button. This will move the order into "Ready for Pickup" status in dutchie and send a text notification to the customer that their order is ready.

Availability on Dutchie is set based on the inventory count in GrowFlow for Dutchie. The customer can pre-define how much inventory must be available before it will show availability in Dutchie.

Note: To customize this inventory amount, navigate to the Settings page > Menus > Select Menu > Edit > Filters > Inventory Qty. Is Above then enter in the amount of inventory that must be on hand before being available in dutchie.

5. When the customer arrives to pick up their order, complete the transaction in GrowFlow. Once the order is complete, it will be completed in dutchie as well.

Note: Deliveries are not currently supported in GrowFlow. Delivery orders will not be sent to the point of sale and must be manually managed in dutchie.

Contact the Dutchie Team

Sales: Matt Cox, Sales Manager, at [email protected]

Book a demo:

Support: Reach to the support team by clicking on the chat bubble on the bottom, right-hand corner of the Dutchie website at, email [email protected] or reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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