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WA Standalone: Skip Sublotting in Creating Orders
WA Standalone: Skip Sublotting in Creating Orders

Keep the same ID when transferring items to a Retailer

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Updated 2/01/2022

Use this when you would like to keep the same ID on your pre-labeled retail products.

Make sure to check in with your retailers that they are able to receive the same ID for multiple packages in their POS systems before using this workflow!

1. Create a sales order using your normal workflow:

2. After you confirm the order and move it to the Convert/Sublot and Pack all Items stage, the tool will appear in the form of a checkbox:

Note that only pre-packaged (retail) items will be able to keep the same ID and any items on the order that are not eligible* for this tool will be packaged with a new ID.

3. Click the "Convert/Sublot and Pack all Items" button and confirm the resulting IDs are the same:

* If the new IDs change unexpectedly

Your "From" inventory item also must have a strain-specific product assigned to it to be eligible for the Skip Sub-lotting tool. So if your "New ID#" changes from the pre-packaged lot's ID while using this tool, you can fix that:

  • Un-convert the line item

  • Click on the "From" ID

  • Click the blue text "View On Inventory Page" in the upper left of the "Inventory Details" window

  • Use Modify>Product to assign either an existing strain-specific product, or a template + strain

  • Go back to the order and convert the line item again (don't forget to select the Skip Sub-lotting box)

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