Updated 12/31/2020

GrowFlow makes it easy to convert your bulk cannabis into retail-ready products like pre-rolls or jars! In this example, let’s look at how to convert your bulk flower into pre-packaged 1/8th jars.

1. Navigate to Inventory Overview and click the Package button.

2. Once you are viewing the Package Inventory screen, select the following:

  1. Pre-packaged Items

  2. Flower Each

  3. 3.5 gram product of your choice

  4. Click on Create New Template to create a new one if desired.

  5. Select the Strain

  6. Enter the number of units to be packaged

Here is an example for reference of how you could setup the Template Creator for 1/8 jars:

  1. Traceability Type: Packaged & Flower Each

  2. Category: Flowers - Flower

  3. Product name: Your Choice

  4. Here you have the option to enter Attributes such as Flavor, Mood and Smell, select the default label to be printed, and choose to include all inventory created with this template in your Live Marketplace Store

  5. Size and Price: Enter the Size and Price for each jar here. The unit weight for packaged flower is defaulted to grams, so the Size entered will be in grams. Option to enter a price or mark as Vendor Sample if desired.

  6. Preview the Product(s) to be created and click the ‘Create Product Template’ button

Note: You can continue to create individual strain-specifc products with the Product Creator if you choose to. Read here for more information on how to Create Products.

3. Now that you have either selected the desired Product or Created it, you can now Package it!

  1. In the Amount to Use column, enter the amount of flower needed to create the number of units of jars you wish to package. This amount will be deducted from the package(s) of flower you select.

  2. No need to do any mental math or break out a calculator: when the amount of Total Raw Materials Needed and the amount of Total Raw Materials Selected match with a green check mark, then you know it’s all good!

  3. Select a room for your inventory if you’d like.

  4. Enter a Production Batch Name, this will populate on Inventory, Order Pullsheet, Invoice, and Manifest as well

  5. Then click the Preview Convert button.

4. Review the details once again of the package you wish to create before Confirming:

1) Double-check your selections and make sure that everything is correct.

2) If at this point you realize you need to make changes, simply click the Back to Convert button to return to the previous page to do so.

3) If everything looks good, click the Confirm button

5. After Confirming, you will be automatically popped into your Inventory to view the newly packaged 1/8 jars and the parent lot of flower from which they were packaged.

  1. Here you see our newly packaged 1/8 jars of flower

  2. This is the Parent Lot of flower that we packaged the 1/8 jars from

Way to go! You will be filling the shelves in no time!

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