Updated 12/28/2021

You'll want to do two exports:

  • Inventory in stock

  • Inventory on pending orders not yet in transit

  1. Go to your Inventory Overview page, clear all filters and click the "Export" button

2. Next, click on the "View Other Inventory" button and change the view to "On Order

3. In each case above, after you click the export button, a new csv file will download and appear in the bottom of your screen

4. To work with the downloaded file, right-click on that file, and open it. If you already have a default spreadsheet program in your computer settings, you can click "Open" and it will open in that program. You might need to designate which program you will use by selecting the "Open with" option. You can then open the file in Excel, Google Sheets, or Open Source. When the csv file is opened, save it to your computer in whatever program you choose.  

Now you will have all the functionality available in your preferred spreadsheet program to sort and filter as much as you want, and use formulas to calculate totals and subtotals. To see more information about using formulas to create subtotals, add columns, use formulas that calculate (e.g., unit price x grams), please do an internet search for that action in that program.

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