Updated 12/18/2020

User Time Cards

Users can check their own time cards easily by going to their Account Settings drop-down and selecting 'My Time Cards'.

The My Time Card screen will contain the user's name and the total amount of time worked for the specified date(s). It will also display the exact date and times of each time punch for the user, as well as the total time from when the user clocked in to when they clocked out. 

Admin Time Clock Reports

If you're an Admin at your store, you have the ability to see all the time cards for all of your users. With these reports, you can view and track exactly when your users clocked in and out for today, yesterday, or for a custom date or dates. Use the filters to see a specific user's time punches. To view this report, just go to Reports > Time Clock.

Editing Time Cards

Let's say one of your associates forgot to clock in or out for their shift. You can go into their time card for that day and edit the times. 

Please note - only an Admin can edit time cards.

  1. Go to “Reports”

  2. Click “Time Clock”

  3. Click the user's “Name.”

  4. A box will appear on the right that has the title 'Time Clock Details'.

  5. Click the “Pencil” icon in the top right corner.

6. Select the date and/or time you want to edit and make your changes.
7. Click "Save & Close" once you are done.

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