Updated: 11/06/2020

Package labels are a convenient way to manage inventory, and they make check out easier on your budtenders. In conjunction with a scanner, barcodes eliminate common SKU entry mistakes and generally speed up inventory counts. In this article, we will go over how to set up a package label, and the various options Growflow allows on your product label. 

1. To get started we need to take a look at your print settings. To locate those, head to the “Settings Tab”(1), and select “Print”(2).


2. Ensure that your label dimensions are input correctly in the following fields. 

A. Width

B. Height

C. Top margin

D. Right Margin

E. Bottom Margin

F. Left Margin

G. Font Size

** Note: Dimensions are input in inches, and it is highly recommended to include margin information as this will prevent your print from overflowing onto the backer page.

Depending on your state’s regulations and compliance standards, you may be required to include certain information on your product labels. GrowFlow has incorporated a majority of this info by automatically importing it from the product’s documentation. 

A. Product Name - Links the product name to the package label

B. Store Name - List your Stores name on the packing label

C. Store License # - Inputs your state license number

D. Net Weight - Net weight includes the weight of the package as well as MJ weight

E. MJ Weight - Lists just the Flower or extract weight contained in the package 

F. Package ID - List the SKU on the package label for manual input

G. Batch ID - Identifying number used by the supplier

H. Harvest Date - Date the MJ was Harvested

I. Supplier Name - Lists suppliers business name

J. Supplier License # - Lists suppliers state license number on the package

K. Test Results - This setting list the lab testing results for MJ contents

L. Highlight Test Results - Bolds lab results on the package label

M. Total Terpenes Text -Lists the Terpene content from your lab results 

N. Product Category Text - Shows product type on the package label

O. Product Text - Shows product description on the package label

P. Product Price - lists price of the product on the package label

Q. Package Text - Lists product descriptor provided by the supplier on label

R. Disclaimer / Text - non-product specific field, allows for the input of state disclaimers that would be mandated to appear on all product labels. 

After making your selections, make sure to hit the save changes button located at the bottom of the label settings section to update the print preview.

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