Updated 03/31/2022

If you prefer your drivers to have the route for multiple stops in one delivery route, use this method to string together a series of same-day drop-offs. For example, you have two retail stores in the same city. Instead of creating a separate manifest for both stores, you can simply add an additional stop.

Start with the first order that makes the most logistical sense to stop at first by selecting it from the Orders Overview.

1. Click the "Multi Stop Manifest" box

2. Select the driver

3. Confirm the vehicle

4. Enter your preferred value into "Time Allowance for Delivery"

  • Default Time Allowance is 30 minutes

  • Choose either an average time that it takes to unload a delivery and continue on to the second stop or if you know that certain vendors can take longer than others you can change that value here.

  • Each allowance will be set between the previous stop and the next stop you select in step 4.

5. Click the drop-down "Add Orders To Manifest" to add the next stop

  • The drop-down will consist of applicable orders in the "Need to Manifest" stage.

  • Each subsequent order you add here will be attached to the last with whatever time allowance you set between the arrival and departure times.

6. Continue adding stops and delivery allowances, then check to make sure the stops are in the correct order per driver route

  • Click ✚ to expand the details of each stop for viewing or editing

  • Click ✖ to delete the stop

  • Click ⬆ to move the stop upward in the order

  • Click ⬇to move the stop downward in the order

7. When everything looks correct, click the "Confirm" button above.

8. Print Manifest

  • Printing one copy of the manifest will have all of the stops included

  • Click "Show only stop X" to view the manifest details of that stop only

    • Toggle back to all stops by clicking "Show All Stops"

Note: You can always void the Multi Stop Manifest and start over with your delivery plan or just void one stop from the manifest. To do that, click the "Edit" button on the order and then select the applicable option from the drop-down.

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