Updated 1/26/2021

1. To move plants from the Clone stage into Veg, navigate to the Clones, Seeds column (or Plant Batches column if you are in CA) found in the Grow Overview.

2. Locate the room the clones you would like to promote are in and click the green arrow to proceed.

3. In the next screen you fill in the following information:

A) The room you would like the plants to be moved into

B) The table in the room you would like the plants to be moved to (optional)

C) Check off the clones you wish to promote. If you are promoting all of the clones in the room you can use the checkmark at the top of the checkbox column to select all clone batches.

Note: When clicking off the checkbox for each clone batch all clones in that batch will populate in the “Qty. New Plant” box. If you do not want to promote all clones at this time you will need to adjust the number in the “Qty. New Plant” box to your desired plant count and any leftover will stay in the clones phase.

D) If you would like to destroy any of your clones at this time you may do so by entering in the number of clones you would like to promote into the “Qty. New Plants” box and confirming that the “Left Over Qty.” is the number of plants you would like to destroy.

E) If destroying clones at this time you will need to choose the appropriate reason from the dropdown in the “Destroy Left Over Source” column and entering in a destroy reason in the “Destroy Reason” box.

4. Your new plants will now appear in the Veg column, each with their own UID

5. On your Grow overview page, you will see you new plants like this:

Note for California Cultivators:

In California, plants in the Veg column will be considered Immature Plant Batches and each batch of up to 100 will have the same UID. Your Grow overview will be displayed like this:

When you promote your Plant Batches to the Vegging column, your plants will stay in their original batch stage and be displayed like this:

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