Metrc: Exporting Transfers

How to get an export of your transfers from your Metrc account and into GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 08/21/2019

Part 1: Exporting from Metrc

1. Log in to your Metrc account

2. From your homepage, click on the Reports tab found on the top navigation bar of the account

3. From the drop-down menu, click Control Panel

4. Under the Reports tab, click the Transfers button

5a. In order to export all transfer information, leave the filters blank
5b. In order to export transfers from a specific day, fill in the desired start and end dates

6. Click on the CSV button to export a CSV report of your transfers
7. Save the CSV file, do not change the name
8. Nice work!

Part 2: Importing the Exported Data from Metrc into GrowFlow

1. Log in to your GrowFlow account and confirm the chosen license number matches the number found on your CSV file

2. Go to your Admin drop-down menu and click on Import Tool

3. On the Import Tool page, click Transfers

4. Find the file that you saved on your computer
5. Drag your saved file into the Drop files here to upload box.

6. Click Import

Gold star for you!!

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