Updated 11/9/2020

In certain situations you will need to cure your fresh cannabis out of a package as opposed to out of a harvest batch. This may occur when transferring fresh cannabis to your own or a client's processing license, or when you are onboarding onto METRC for the first time. When doing so, you will need to cure your packages to account for trimmed flower, leaf, waste and moisture loss. 

  1. Go to your Inventory page and find your package of freshly harvested cannabis

  2. Select the package, highlighting it purple

  3. Click "Other" and then "Cure Wet Flower"

   4. In the pop-up box, enter in the following information:

  • Next Tag to Use: this will automatically populate with the next available Package tag. You can choose to use that one or click on the button to choose your desired tag

  • Flower (grams): the total amount of dried, trimmed flower that you were able to pull from the harvest

  • Other (grams): the total amount of shake and trim you were able to pull from the harvest

  • Waste (grams): the total amount of waste that you created during the drying and trimming process

  • Click "Cure () Item"

Your flower and shake/trim package will now be visible on the Inventory screen. Your waste will be reported and the remaining wet weight will be cleared out automatically as moisture loss. 

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