1. Go to your Plants page from your Grow drop-down menu

2. Once there, click on your Batches tab to pull up your Immature Plant Batches

3. From your Batches tab you can search by the Plant RFID tag attached to your Batch to quickly locate your desired Immature Plant Batch, or use your filters to narrow down your results

4. Once your desired batch is located, use the "Edit" button to view the Split Batch option. Clicking here will open the Split Plant Batch dialog box.

5. Set your details in the Split Batch dialog box:

 a. Select a room for your new batch to go
     b. Optionally, assign a new strain to your new plant batch

c. Select the next tag to use
     d. The New Qty (quantity) entered here will be the quantity in your new plant batch
e. Click Confirm when all details are correct

6. Review the results to ensure the batches are correct, note the new plant RFID tag applied to your new batch. 

Nice Work!!!

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