1. To add a note to all pull sheets for a specific vendor, find the Vendor that you want to save a note to by going to the "Vendor" tab on your GrowFlow homepage. When you have located the vendor of your choice, click "edit" to pull up their profile. There, you can add a note as well as set pricing groups, discounts, etc, all covered in later articles :)

The Vendor Note will now appear on all orders sent to that vendor. (The note will appear on the pdf above the line items that are needed in the order.)

2. If you would like to add notes to your internal teams who will be processing orders or payments, first go to your "Order" tab on your GrowFlow homepage. Locate the order you wish to comment on and click on the "Details" button. You can add messages and notes that appear in various places, as seen below.

These tools can help coordinate your teams and streamline your work!  

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