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Wholesale: Place a Pre-Order
Wholesale: Place a Pre-Order

Prepare orders without existing inventory in-stock in GrowFlow Wholesale

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Updated 09/10/2022

If you've placed an order before, you will recognize a lot of what we are about to show you. The main difference is that a Pre-Order allows you to set up the products, and fill them when inventory becomes available later. Let's take a look!

1. From the Orders tab in your navigation bar, click New Pre-Order

2. Build the Pre-Order

A. Select the Customer Type

B. Select the Customer

C. Use the filters or the search bar to locate the Products to add to the order

D. Enter the quantities per each item added to the order

E. Click Preview Order to confirm and create the order

3. Once the Pre-Order is created, it will appear on the Orders Overview in the first Orders column with a Pre-Order banner

4. When the inventory to fill the order become available, return to the Pre-Order to select the source inventory, convert the order, and send it into transit.

For next steps see Converting Pre-Orders

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