Updated 12/01/2020

If you don't plan on getting a product back in, you may want to delete it from your products page.

Deleting Product

1. Click on the "Inventory" icon on the left of the page.

2. Click on “Products.”

3. Select the Item you want to Delete.

4. Adjust the package down to zero. If the package(s) has already been finished, ignore this step and skip to step 6.

5. Finish the package.

6. Click the “Red X” in the top right to Delete the Product.

7. Confirm you would like to delete the product.


To keep you safe, GrowFlow won't allow you to delete a product if it has active packages in it. If you have adjusted the package and finished it out and GrowFlow is still not letting you delete the Product, please try refreshing the page and trying again.

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